What To Do If Your Baby Stops Sleeping

There can be little else more disheartening than getting your baby into a good sleep routine, finally feeling like you’ve got it sorted, and then it all going wrong again. 

If this is what’s happening in your house, don’t worry, there are lots of things to look at before complete panic sets in!

Always Look For The Cause!

When looking at any sleep challenge, the first thing to think about is the cause. There’s always a reason for your baby’s sleep to be changed and disrupted, and finding out what that is, enables you to then go about helping them sleep better. Often, a change in sleep will be a short blip, and you’ll get back on track soon, so try not to worry too early!

• How long has the disrupted sleep been going on? f your baby has slept poorly for a couple of nights, don’t worry too much (I know that’s easier said than done!)  Keep being consistent with daytime naps and bedtime routines, and chances are your baby will get themselves back on track pretty quickly. However, if it’s been going on for over two weeks, it may be more of a challenge and will take some exploring to find out what is going on.

Is it a regression? Sleep regressions are common – most people know about the four-month one, but there also tends to be a regression at around nine months and 18 months. Stay calm, be consistent, try to avoid overtiredness, and your wee one should come through the regression in a couple of weeks.

• Are they feeling unwell or having teething pain? A baby’s sleep can often be disturbed for a few days as they’re coming down with something, and it’s only once they show signs of being ill that you realise that has been the cause of the sleep disruption. Te thing pain can also cause problems with sleep, even if the teeth themselves aren’t evident. So if you have an unwell or teething baby, don’t worry about your routine going out of the window, lots of cuddles and reassurance are needed, and you can soon get back on track once it’s passed.

• Anything new happening in their life? Little ones can be very sensitive to change, so anything different in their life can affect the quality of their sleep. Starting nursery or a childminder, a house move, or a new sibling can all cause sleep challenges. Again, with consistency, this should pass as your wee one gets used to the recent changes. 

I can help!

I hope this has helped with some of your worries, but if you’re still unsure what is going on with your little one’s sleep and feel you need a bit of extra help, please do get in touch, and we can have a chat.