As I’m relatively new as a Sleep Consultant, I’ve had a lot of questions from people, and many seem curious about what a sleep consultant does. Often I’ve had to explain what I do, and, in particular, that I’m not an advocate of just shutting the door and leaving your little one to cry.

I work with parents of babies and children from newborn to age six who are struggling with getting good, restful sleep for their little ones and, as a result, for themselves. These challenges can come in several different forms –  a baby who is fighting daytime naps, a toddler who is battling going to bed or getting up far too early or maybe a young child who is still getting up multiple times in the night for reassurance.

Every case I work with is unique and comes with its own different set of circumstances

I always take an individual approach when looking at each child, taking into account the child’s age, medical history, family circumstances and parental preference. I also ensure an ongoing dialogue between myself and the parents throughout the time we work together, which offers the chance to make small changes depending on how their little one is responding.

Being a parent can be overwhelming at the best of times and throw in a hefty dose of sleep deprivation, and pretty much anyone would struggle! 

There is so much information around little one’s sleep, so it can be very easy to struggle to know what is best for you and your child and the best way to approach their sleep challenge.

This is where a sleep consultant can come in to help – to offer support, guidance and reassurance to get everything back on track. There is always an underlying cause for the sleep issue, and I can help you get to the bottom of this issue and then give advice on ways to tackle it. I can offer gentle and effective ways of getting your child to sleep better and will always suggest a few different options to allow you to choose the one you feel most comfortable with. 

I’m passionate about helping little ones to get more sleep and excited to start working with more families. If you want to know more, please do book in for a here I’d love to help your family too!