Can Your Baby or Toddler

Sleep Like an Olympian?

A simple tip to help your little one sleep like an elite athlete! 

As the best athletes from around the world are in PyeongChang, South Korea for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and soon the Paralympic Games, there are a few things they all have in common, regardless of the flag they wave.

The athletes are all dedicated, passionate and living their dream. To reach the pinnacle of their sport, they have worked hard through blood, sweat and tears. They have all sacrificed a lot to be there. But, what’s the one thing that these incredible and inspiring athletes WON’T sacrifice? Getting enough sleep.

Being well-rested is one of their TOP priorities. They focus on ensuring they eat well, train smartly and get enough rest.

Olympic gold and bronze medallist and four-time Olympian, Lindsey Vonn, reportedly naps daily and aims for 10 hours of sleep every night. As the most decorated female alpine skier in history, Vonn knows that the focus on sleep helps her body recover better from injury and ensures she’s in optimum physical and mental form to win.

You MAY not be an Olympian (or perhaps you ARE!)

Good sleep is equally as vital for you and your baby as it is for the athletes in PyeongChang.

Have you ever said? “One day he will be a teenager, and I won’t be able to get him up!” or “She’ll figure it out; eventually, I’m sure.”

If so, you may be missing the importance of good, age-appropriate sleep for your little one AND for you now and treating sleep as a “nice to have” instead of the essential body function that it is.

Parenthood Doesn’t HAVE to be as Exhausting

There is a certain amount of sleep-deprivation that does come with parenthood. Newborn babies need regular night feeds. When your little one is sick, they may need you all night long. There is so much you can do to encourage age-appropriate sleep, and it doesn’t need to include having your little one “cry it out.”  Often, just by making your little one’s sleep needs a priority as Olympians do, they will start sleeping better.

If not, there are many ways to help improve sleep, helping your little one and your entire family get the sleep they need.

Join our #SleepTips group for excellent support, sleep tips and advice on how to make sleep a priority for your family! It’s an excellent place to navigate through all of the (unsolicited and conflicting) advice you’re probably receiving.

Mary Foster is the founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting, and mum of three little ones (at one time three under three).

She’s a proud Canadian ??, living in England and is passionate about healthy sleep with a strong focus on emotional wellness, using her education background in science.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants support families around the world, and the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is an affordable and comprehensive online sleep program, has supported families worldwide.

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