Sleepy Lambs Checks Out Fidgetbum

Sleepy Lambs Checks Out Fidgetbum

Let’s face it. There are many sleep gimmicks out there. I speak with families all the time who have spent a lot of money on products, just hoping that something “magic” will help their child sleep better.  Unfortunately, most don’t address the reason more

Common Sense Doesn’t Always Apply

I hate to break it but science says baby sleep challenges often continue in the toddler years. It’s a common misconception that sleep challenges are confined to the baby years. If you’re the sleep-deprived parent of a baby, it’s hard to imagine it could get more

Hungry at Night?

Oh, Those Pre-schoolers! Sleep challenges for toddlers and young children can be so much more difficult to resolve than for babies. They are typically strong-willed, have active imaginations, a strong desire for independence yet struggle with separation anxiety more