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Answering your sleep questions: Is it time to drop the nap? My baby hates his cot!

Happy Monday! It was a busy weekend with sleep questions. I received 52 email questions just between Saturday and Sunday. I wish I could answer them all personally but hopefully my videos and answering weekly sleep questions are providing some answers. The answers are out there, even if you feel you’ve tried EVERYTHING.

Is it time to drop the nap?

One of the great sleep questions I answered this week is from Michelle.  Her toddler has been falling asleep later and waking up earlier and is wondering if it’s time to drop the nap. It’s such a great question! It’s not uncommon for there to be a nap resistance regression around age 2. My two girls definitely experienced it. My son didn’t.  They seem to either resist napping altogether OR, when they nap, they struggle to get to sleep at night.  It can be a frustrating and confusing sleep challenge. Watch the sleep video below to find out more!

My baby hates his cot!

I hear this statement from parents A LOT! It’s often the reason why parents move to a bed sooner than a little one is ready or buy a new bed, change sheets… anything to help them like their cot, crib or bed again. My solution is a LOT more cost-effective.  It’s hard to sleep well in a sleep environment you’re not comfortable with. We feel this way as adults and babies and toddlers can definitely have negative associations with their room or cot and they can come up at any time. Frequent causes are illness, sleep training, extended crying or injury. My son struggled with it after having a stomach bug and had been sick all over his cot as a baby. It’s something I spend a lot of time talking about when I work with families and I have a lesson on this topic in the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy as part of the big module on emotional wellness, to avoid this happening at any time. This week Subha asks what to do since her little guy hates his cot since they did controlled crying and took away his dummy.

Have a sleep question? I make a video every Monday.  Click here to submit yours. If you’re looking for sleep info now, my video “How to help your little one sleep better WITHOUT sleep training” is available to watch right now.


Meet Mary!

Mary Foster is a certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting and the popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy. She has an amazing husband and they had 3 little ones in 3 years (along with an international move at 7 months pregnant with #3, which just means she’s a little crazy and adventurous). Their little “lambs” keep her busy, with their oldest newly 6, their middle one almost 5 and their youngest almost 3.

Mary is Canadian and is based in Surrey, UK, near the Hampshire and Berkshire border. She has supported hundreds of families in 11 countries. Mary’s unique approach is always holistic and focuses on emotional wellness, always respectful of parenting choices. Click here to send her an email.