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Answering Your Sleep Questions – January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!


I hope you had a great holiday season! I love it but am so keen to get back into a great routine again. I’m guessing you may be too! I started my New Year’s Day morning speaking with a lovely family in Brisbane, Australia as they would like to help their toddler sleep better without feeding constantly overnight. I’ve spoken with several other families over the last day, all keen to start 2017 with great sleep habits.

What better way to start off 2017 than having the focus on great sleep. I’d love to help. Each week I’ll be answering your sleep questions in a video series. I can’t wait to help! If you have a sleep question you’d like answered, click here to submit your query.

Meet Kim, Kate & Emma!

This week I answered 3 questions, from Kim, Kate and Emma.

Kim has an adorable 4-month old who is a pretty good sleeper. The problem? He sleeps for 10 hours and wakes up at 4 or 4:30 a.m. and it’s a struggle to get back to sleep. With a toddler starting the day at 6 a.m., 4 a.m. is really early to get up and start the day and she’s wondering what she can do.

Kate has a 9-month-old baby girl who was sleeping well up until a month ago and is now waking in the night. Her naps are also erratic. She’s wondering what she can do to help her little one sleep well again.

Emma has a 7.5 month-old baby girl and she is waking up constantly in the night. 🙁 Sometimes after 20 minutes and other times after 2 hours. She’s exhausted and struggling to keep up with her breastfeeding goals of reaching one year.

In this week’s video, I mention Baby Connect, an app I recommend and include with all full support packages. If you’re interested, click here to learn more (affiliate link).

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Meet Mary!

Mary Foster is a certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting and the popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy. She had 3 little ones in 3 years (along with an international move) and her little “lambs” keep her busy, with her oldest just turned 6, middle one almost 5 and the youngest is almost 3.

Mary is Canadian and is based in Surrey, UK, near the Hampshire and Berkshire border, and has supported hundreds of families in 11 countries to date. Mary’s unique approach is always holistic and focuses on emotional wellness, always respectful of parenting choices. Click here to send her an email.