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“I still cannot get over the difference in bedtime routine where I can now pop her down and she sends herself to sleep after a brief chat with herself and some leg flinging!! Such a transformation and I am so much more relaxed knowing I have an evening to catch up on things etc. It’s hard to articulate just how much of positive effect this has had on me! She really gets it now and pleased we will have a good sleep routine as she gets older. xx”


“He’s doing so well! I so believe the sleep begets sleep thing now. He’s sleeping more than ever before and still seems ready for bed and naps! I still can hardly believe he’s doing it! I feel great after such a big chunk of sleep, I must have got at least a 6-hour block! Thank you so much for all your help!”


“Like the majority of parents of newborns I quickly adapted to the sleepless nights and accepted the bags under my eyes as the norm – until I remembered the amazing transformation Mary had on my first born, we were keen to get things started earlier with our second.

I contacted Mary when my son was 4 months old, Mary was able to give me invaluable knowledge that helped me to set up a bedtime routine and enable me to work out my sons wake windows.

When I was happy that I wanted to take things further with sleep training I contacted Mary again so was more than happy to come up with a plan with me on how to tackle our sleeping.

Knowing that Mary was there to help me and that we had a plan in place to tackle sleeping helped me tremendously, I was equipped with the knowledge I needed to help my son sleep.

I can’t thank Mary enough and will be forever grateful, although it is tough to begin with, more sleep for me helps me to be a better mum to both my children and more sleep for them means they can be the best versions of themselves!

Thank you, Mary, you’ve helped me more than I can tell you.”


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