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Alexis Halley Reade

Alexis Halley Reade


Happy Families!

He settles so much better

Alexis helped with our little boy he would only sleep on his front for a couple of hours at a time and he would cry as soon as we would put him down. Now our little boy is doing 5-hour stretches at night sleeping on his back (he has since slept through too!) He settles so much better.

Alexis is very professional, great communication and easy to talk to. Thanks again for all your help!!

Lauren Whitter
We would 100% Recommend Alexis

Alexis helped us with our three-year-old, who would take up to an hour to go to sleep, and then wake up several times during the night before waking up at 5/5.30am on a regular basis. Exhausting!

Alexis was so clear and helpful in identifying where we could make changes to our lifestyle and our bedtime approach. She was on hand at any point for advice and encouragement and didn’t make us feel inadequate at any point. We have a bit of work to do on the early mornings, but after a few weeks, our daughter is falling asleep much quicker and tends to sleep through! Thank you so much 😊 we would 100% recommend Alexis for anyone in a similar boat x

Hannah Krol-Smith
Better Sleep Within a Week!

Within a week our daughter was getting longer and better quality sleep.

Alexis was fantastic support; not only did she come up with effective solutions, she was always on hand to answer questions and give me a boost if I needed it. I now have a plan of action for whatever the day throws at me.

I’m extremely grateful for her guidance and would highly recommend parents with any type of sleep worry to get in touch.

Clare Sayers
He is happier and so much more responsive

I stumbled across Sleepy Lambs on a google search after weeks of sleep deprivation after my LO went back to his childminder after having 6 months of lockdown at home with Mummy. He had bad separation anxiety and it was taking me hours some nights to get him to sleep. We had tried almost everything but never had anyone telling us we were doing it right and to give us the reassurance we needed. We were lucky enough to have been assigned Alexis to help. As soon as we had our initial consultation I felt so much more confident and reassured that everything would get better and here we are 3 weeks later sadly saying goodbye to Alexis after all of her help. Charlie is now in bed asleep inside 10mins and all of this has been done without any crying or distress. We are still working on the early wake-ups but I have been left with some suggestions and techniques to work with. Thank you, Alexis, for everything, it is not just Charlie you have helped, it is Rob and I also. 🙌🏻💙 xx

Mum of 1
I felt supported throughout

I was very happy with the sleep support I received from Alexis, simple and easy to implement changes that made such a big difference with little disruption to my little one. I felt supported throughout and like I could always reach out for any questions no matter how big or small. Thank you again x

Stephanie Thatcher
Would definitely recommend Alexis!

Alexis Halley Reade came to our rescue with our little 2.5yr old and his early wakes!! 01,03,04am every signal night!!! I was really worried about feeling judged at what we had tried so far but Alexis has supported us no end, totally filled us with confidence, really helped us understand awake windows and what to do when things haven’t worked!

Loved having the app and the fact I could message at anytime for help!

Would definitely recommend Alexis for any sleep issues!!!!

Jenny Jones Glover
The Support Was Very Personal!

The support was very personal. Alexis took time to find out what she needed to know about our family and sleep situation in order to support us in the best way. We’re really pleased that since working with you we’ve moved from 2-5 hour wake ups, to sometimes no wake ups at all. If we do have a night wake, it’s once and for 10-20 mins! Everything was within our comfort zone, no need to cry it out, thank goodness! I feel like you basically held our hand through a process of making tweaks to our routines in order to achieve a more rested toddler. Thank you because it’s worked!

Sam Ovens
We were BEYOND exhausted 😩

I was at the end of my tether, my 2yr 9m old was suffering night terrors and was waking up every 2-3 hours every night… we were beyond exhausted. 😩

Alexis helped us identify exactly how little sleep our little one was getting and suggested all kinds of things which I undertook (some which I was reluctant to at first) however I did a complete “U-turn” and realised what Alexis was saying was absolutely true. Things have slowly improved and all members of our household are getting more rest than we’ve had in years. More importantly, my almost 3-year-old is getting the sleep he needs!

Thank you Alexis, I am very grateful for your input.

Jo Davies
I couldn’t recommend Alexis highly enough!

Alexis helped us with our 6-month old. He only slept for between 2-3 hours at any one time and wasn’t able to self soothe. I had to either feed him to sleep or walk around rocking him until he fell asleep, this could take hours. Sometimes he would wake as soon as we put him down and we’d have to start all over. I was exhausted and I dreaded bedtime.

Then we found Alexis and our lives changed! She was so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and really listened to our concerns to work with us and advise us of the best options for us.

Our son now self soothes, sleeps from 7 pm – 7 am and has 3 naps a day. It’s incredible!!

I’d never heard of sleep consultants before and now I couldn’t recommend Alexis highly enough.

Kate Hirst

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