Why a Schedule?

If you’re anything like me, I would sit there telling anyone who would listen that my unborn child would fit into my life…*Cue raised eyebrow pose*

Once he was born, it seemed like he’d received the memo… that was until he decided sleep was no longer a fun thing to do when we were out and about, or ever for that matter. Yep, that was around four months old!

After trying to persist with things only getting worse, I decided to back down and work on naps.

I was reluctant, but once I got in the flow of it, I preferred just knowing what was happening with my day, and obviously, the end goal was that everyone was sleeping better.

Age-Appropriate Schedules!

I am a huge believer in wake windows. Of course, I would always ensure your baby is not getting overtired, but once things start falling into place, having an idea of your baby’s age-appropriate wake window can help you see how to fit things in day-to-day.


Sorry guys, I know it’s hard work being parents to a newborn, but for now, it’s all about ensuring your baby is in a good feeding routine and getting as much sleep as possible.

If you haven’t already, check out the E.A.S.Y routine to help see you through this challenging time… I promise it does get better.

4-5 months

This is a tricky one as often sleep is still a little all over the place, and a schedule is difficult to achieve, but the best place to start is with wake windows, get a solid bedtime routine in place and try sticking with the same bedtime and wake up time every day. 7-7 is the usual favourite, but it depends on your ideal routine once work and nursery come into the picture.

6-8 months

Yes – You’ve made it and now let’s talk business! Usually, around six months, your baby will likely be having a steady three naps a day and here’s what that can look like:

Sample schedule for baby aged 4-5 months.

8-10 months

Around this age, your little one will be looking to drop to 2 naps a day. I remember feeling relieved at not needing that 3rd nap, but it can be a juggle to start with to make sure your baby doesn’t get overtired.

10-12 months

Almost a whole year in, and the relentless napping starts to ease up but try not to be too quick to drop to 1 nap. I get a lot of calls and messages from people struggling with sleep, and often it seems as though the reason is a slight sleep regression tricking you into thinking baby is ready for one nap.

12-18 months

This is similar to the above. Try not to drop that 2nd nap too quickly. However, around 15 months is the most common age to drop to one nap and if you think you’re there, see the 15 months +

15 months +

Sigh a breath of relief. Finally, just one nap to consider in the day!! Don’t be fooled, though; this nap is important, especially if your little one is under 2 (after two years old – on the very odd occasion – you might get away with an early to bed and no nap). Getting this nap at the right time can be the difference between late bedtimes and early rising, and let me tell you, this is not a happy position to be in.

3-4 years old

So do you want the good news or the bad? Well, the bad news is at around this age, our babies no longer need to nap in the day *sad face*

But some good news. You can introduce some quiet time at around the same time as the nap. Encourage your little one to spend some time alone in their room playing or reading.

So more good news is if you’ve been struggling with your little one sleeping through even with the nap being on point, dropping the nap can help get you a solid night sleep.

Nap and Wake Window Table

Just as a little reminder if you need it. You’re welcome!

If you have tried all of the above and need to sleep, not think, why not book a free 15-minute discovery call and find out how I can help you.

Keep safe and well,

Alexis  x