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    My Baby Wakes EVERY 45 Minutes Overnight and Ready to Start the Day at 3 a.m.!



My Baby Wakes EVERY 45 Minutes Overnight and Ready to Start the Day at 3 a.m.!

I’m exhausted for Rachel. Her little one is waking up every 45 minutes overnight and seems to have a lot more energy at 3 a.m. than she does or she should. That lack of sleep can really take a toll after a while. It’s hard to enjoy parenting when it’s hard to see straight. Many parents I meet describe themselves as walking zombies. They may look normal on the outside but struggling to feel like themselves or human on the inside.

Babies DO Wake!

First off, it’s important to know that babies do wake in the night. We all do. It’s a myth that babies sleep through. We all have sleep cycles and at the end of a sleep cycle, we come to a partial wake-up.  As adults, we may roll over, adjust our blanket, move our pillow and be completely unaware of waking. We go back into our sleep cycle and *hopefully* sleep undisturbed. As adults, we do this every 90-120 minutes. Babies do the exact same thing except their sleep cycles are shorter, typically 40-60 minutes. Often, when a baby wakes up or rouses at the end of a sleep cycle, they struggle to get back to sleep or are looking for the same way to get back to sleep as they did when they fell asleep in the first place.

Answering YOUR Sleep Questions

Every week, I receive dozens of your sleep questions and I do my best to answer one every week. If you have a sleep question you would like answered, just submit it here and I’ll do my best to answer it soon!


Meet Mary!

Mary Foster is a certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting and the popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy. She has an amazing husband and they had 3 little ones in 3 years (along with an international move at 7 months pregnant with #3, which just means she’s a little crazy and adventurous). Their little “lambs” keep her busy, with their oldest newly 6, their middle one almost 5 and their youngest almost 3.

Mary is Canadian and is based in Surrey, UK, near the Hampshire and Berkshire border. She has supported hundreds of families in 11 countries. Mary’s unique approach is always holistic and focuses on emotional wellness, always respectful of parenting choices. Click here to send her an email.


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