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It All Started With a Little Boy…

A little boy, who wouldn’t sleep. From the day he was born, he would scream if he was put down on his back. He would choke, projectile vomit and scream. And so I held him. Day and night. Night and day. It was the only way he was comfortable.

Truth be told, I didn’t mind. I loved the cuddles, but I wanted sleep, too. I met other mums and they would complain that their little one had woken once the night before. I thought, “Wow! Unless I’m holding him upright, he won’t sleep at all, and he still wakes up multiple times.”

I felt like a terrible parent. What was I doing wrong?

One of my biggest parenting regrets…

If only I had the knowledge that I have now. Instead of feeling that I was a failure as a parent, I would have had a much better understanding of the impact of reflux on Andrew’s sleep and ways to help him sleep better.

One of my biggest parenting regrets is not hiring someone like myself now when he was a baby. He didn’t consistently sleep through until close to 3 years old. By that point I had a 2nd baby and was pregnant with baby number 3.

Passionate About Sleep

I started Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting® when our 3rd baby was just 4 days old in 2014. We had moved from Canada to the UK just weeks before. Supporting families with sleep was a perfect fit. It combined my education and passion for science and my strong desire to support families so they didn’t struggle.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting has expanded grown and changed a lot since 2014. We expanded with our highly acclaimed online sleep programs in the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy. Sleepy Lambs now has the biggest team of baby and child sleep consultants in the UK and Ireland. Our comprehensive sleep consultant training course provides outstanding training to sleep consultants around the world.

Finalist – Business Mum of The Year 2020

Sleep Support Packages

Sleep support packages with Mary start at £499.

Please Note: I currently have a full waiting list and am unable to support new families at this time.

Please click here to find a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant® ready to support your family.

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PLEASE NOTE: I currently have a waitlist and unable to book new discovery calls at this time. If you’re looking for sleep support, please book a discovery call with one of our AMAZING Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants®.

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