So, the big day is nearly here! I hope everyone is feeling festive and full of the joys of the season! I thought I’d end my Christmas blogs with a quick post around managing expectations over Christmas, particularly regarding sleep.

I hope you all have managed to get some sleep over the last few weeks and that things haven’t been too hectic. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are not going to be days when we expect to get a lot of sleep, particularly when we have young children in the house. I still remember as a young child waking up around 4 am on Christmas morning and counting down the minutes until I was allowed to get up! Restless nights and early wakings are even more likely to be the case if you’re away and staying in an unfamiliar place for Christmas, which can unsettle a little one’s sleep even more so.

I think over the next few days, it’s good to be a bit kinder to yourself around sleep routines and schedules and accept that you may all be getting less sleep than usual. It’s also a good idea to spend large parts of your time with other people to think of when and where your little one will need to sleep and manage other people’s expectations around this. It’s much easier for you and your little one if there’s a little bit of leeway in the schedule for your wee one to have a nap or not have to stay up too late too many nights in a row. It may also take longer for your little one to wind down on very exciting days or in a strange house, so make sure you start your pre-bed routine that little bit earlier to avoid getting overtired and make falling asleep that bit easier for them.

I hope everyone has a magical time over Christmas and New Year and that your holidays are filled with Silent Nights! 

I will be back in January with lots more sleep tips and advice to make 2020 your most peaceful year yet!

Merry Christmas to Everyone xx