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Hi, I’m Lynda!


I came to Sleepy Lambs from a childcare background. I trained and worked as a Nanny in my younger days. Subsequently, for a few years, I had a complete change of career and was office-based. After becoming tired of office life, and the office politics that came with it, I wanted to do something more rewarding and more suited to my personality.

19 years ago I retrained as a maternity practitioner (or non-medical maternity nurse). I stay with families for the first few weeks when they have a newborn giving support and guidance with feeding, sleep and settling the baby into a routine I also take care of the baby in the night, so that mum can have some much-needed sleep.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of helping many wonderful families all over the world and estimate that I have settled more than 100 babies (including several sets of twins) into a routine.

I have helped families through the colic and reflux battle many, many times and know first-hand what a struggle and sleep challenge that is for all concerned. It doesn’t matter if the location is Leeds or Los Angeles (and my jobs have been that diverse) the scenario is pretty much the same with a newborn in the house.

Through my work as a maternity nurse, I have often thought that this is a service that should, in some form, be available to more families.

I truly believe that if parents were given more information about sleep science and the importance of routine in the early days, there would be fewer children with sleep problems and fewer exhausted parents. This is the reason that I joined the Sleepy Lambs team. The Sleepy Lambs ethos is in keeping with my own method of working, which is gentle, holistic and bespoke to each family.

My specialist area is newborn to 6 months. Still, I am also experienced with older babies and children up to 6 years as I often do “troubleshooting “ jobs in addition to my maternity work.

I look forward to being able to help your family have more sleep!

Lynda x

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Choose Your Support Package

Ready for better sleep or are you looking for support with your newborn? I’m ready to help support you through every step with bespoke solutions for your family. Thanks to technology, I’m able to help you anywhere in the world.

Sleep support packages start at £119 for a mini package. Three, four, and six-week packages are available or we can create a bespoke package just for your little one and your family! Book a complimentary discovery call below and we can find the perfect package.

Virtual Maternity Nurse Support

New Offer!

If you are expecting or have recently had a new baby why not have a “virtual” maternity nurse for daily support through those first precious but daunting and exhausting weeks with your newborn?

I can help you navigate those first weeks, answer all the questions that you might think are too trivial to ask and help to give you the confidence and skills to care for your new baby. I will help to get you off to a good start with feeding (whether breastfeeding or formula) and help you to avoid the common pitfalls.

Once feeding is going well and you are feeling more confident as new parents, I can advise on starting a gentle feeding and sleeping routine, to bring some structure and predictability to your days and nights and lay a firm foundation for healthy sleep habits as your baby grows.

If you book before your baby arrives I will send a complementary list of essential (and not so essential) items for your baby and nursery. Also a list for your hospital bag.

Should you wish to add extra weeks in order to build on a routine this option is available at £50 per additional week.

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