Louise Millard

Sleep Support

healthy sleep for your family
Louise Millard

Sleep Support

healthy sleep for your family

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As a mum of three children, Jude – 11, Rohan – 8, and Nya- 2, my husband and I know only too well the struggles that parents face when it comes to their little ones sleep and how sleep (or the lack of it) can take over your lives.

If I look back at my own children’s sleep, and more recently, my youngest little girls sleep habits, I see they all faced there own individual sleep challenges. Ranging from not being able to settle anywhere but in my arms, not wanting to sleep in their own bed, therefore, sleeping in ours, to creeping out of the room as quiet as a mouse when I thought they were asleep only for them to wake up just as I reached the door. I worked through them and did make it out the other side so I can sympathise with that feeling of tiredness that can consume you and the knock-on effect that it has on everybody in the family.

I have worked in the world of sleep for several years now and enjoy helping people to change their lives. Being a member of the Sleepy Lambs team provides me with the opportunity to combine what I love to do most! I am incredibly passionate about helping you and your little one to achieve better sleep. We will work together to make this happen, and I will never make you do anything that you feel uncomfortable doing. I will always be there to guide you through every step of the way. We will look for the cause and find the best solution to try and solve it. My methods have a strong focus on emotional wellness, and I am gentle in my approach. I also look at the science behind sleep and what role that plays in helping you and your little one.

I very much look forward to helping you and your little one on your journey to better sleep.

Louise xx

Finalist – Best New Business 2020

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