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Julia Seggie

Julia Seggie

County Laois

Happy Families!

The support was super helpful!

Julia and Sleepy Lambs really helped to get my partner and I on the same page about sleep and how to patiently encourage our little guy to sleep through the night without night wakings. He still wakes up early, and we are working on that little by little. All of the information and support from Sleepy Lambs with super helpful in helping us identify what was causing the sleep disturbance and getting on a better track. Thank you!

Mum of a 2-year-old
I would highly recommend Julia!

Julia was very supportive and flexible which made this process easier. She was very understanding when Kaila was teething. She was always there to guide me and give instant feedback which helped get Kaila into a routine, I found this instant feedback very good. I would highly recommend Julia. Julia has given me the tools to be able to keep a routine for sleep.

Mum of 3
Making Bedtime an Enjoyable Experience

Julia is absolutely amazing!

We were exhausted always having to rock our little one to sleep at night and at any time she woke up during the night. Her naps were only ever 20 minutes long. After working with Julia, she now gets herself off to sleep at night, and if she wakes during the night it’s usually because the dummy is out of reach, so a quick replacement and she is back to sleep. Her naps are now longer too! Not only that but Julia had given me and my husband more knowledge about what to look for and also why our little one might do certain things.

Thank you so much, Julia, for making bedtime an enjoyable experience rather than something I dread! You are amazing!! x

She’s Been Amazing!

We cannot recommend Julia highly enough!

To anyone struggling with sleep deprivation get in touch. Our 3-year-old started waking up between 5-12 times a night when we started speaking to her about her new baby sister arriving.

After a year of no sleep and the arrival of our new baby, Julia not only helped to get our 3-year-old sleeping through the night but she also helped get our 4-month-old into routine too! 🙌 She has been amazing, so supportive and so understanding.

From us to you! Thank you, Julia!

Leanne - Mum of 2

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