The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

It’s time to think of sleep as important and an essential body function rather than a “bonus”.

Healthy sleep for your baby, toddler, or child impacts their short- and long-term health, and their development. As a parent, getting enough quality sleep is also essential for you!

The Sleepy Lambs approach to sleep support is different from most sleep consultants and sleep coaches.

Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® look at your baby or child’s sleep with a comprehensive and holistic approach, meaning we look at potential causes and the big picture, to help your little one love to sleep!

Sleepy LambsServices

Bespoke Support

The option is yours! Choose one of the standard support packages or work with your Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® to create a bespoke package that works for your family.

Group Support, Talks & Media

Sleep is our favourite topic and we love to chat about it! If you’re looking for a speaker for your group, business, podcast, or the media, let’s chat!

Sleep Consultant Training

Start a new career and make a difference with our comprehensive online training program!  Many options to choose from, including setting up your own brand or joining the Sleepy Lambs team.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy

The popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is our comprehensive online sleep program to guide your family to better sleep! Step-by-step solutions to help your newborn, baby, or toddler sleep!

Recent Blog Posts

Happy Families

{Sally was kind, caring, and interested in learning about our family's specific needs. She came up with a plan and modified it multiple times. Her timings were flexible and she went above and beyond to adjust to our travels and schedules.

Alexis helped us with our 6-month old. He only slept for between 2-3 hours at any one time and wasn’t able to self soothe. I had to either feed him to sleep or walk around rocking him until he fell asleep, this could take hours. Sometimes he would wake as soon as we put him down and we’d have to start all over. I was exhausted and I dreaded bedtime.

Then we found Alexis and our lives changed! She was so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and really listened to our concerns to work with us and advise us of the best options for us.

Our son now self soothes, sleeps from 7 pm - 7 am and has 3 naps a day. It’s incredible!!

I’d never heard of sleep consultants before and now I couldn’t recommend Alexis highly enough.

Happy Mum

With a newborn, a toddler, new country and a pandemic we needed as much of a routine as possible, so when I saw Sally's advert I jumped at the chance.
Our toddler was waking in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep without one of us. She also only wanted to nap in our bed with one of us. Sally rectified both aspects for us with continuous support and we haven’t looked back since.

Whilst helping us with our toddler sally also extended her help to our newborn. Whilst I think everyone expects no sleep with a new baby we were missing all Alice’s sleep windows and falling really short on her recommended hours of sleep which can go on to affect their growth and learning. Sally introduced to a great app and guided us on sleep windows and routine all with no ‘cry It out’ methods or anything and we were suddenly dealing with much bigger chunks of sleep, a routine and a much happier baby!

She answered texts, emails and checked in on us regularly. If your little one is struggling with sleep patterns and nap issues I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Sally!


Absolutely 100% Would Recommend Paddy!

He went above and beyond in helping me puzzle out the best times for my son’s medication that allowed him to get it into his system and didn’t cause disruption to the sleep my son was getting! My son slept well in his basket at night but only when he started his sleep on me and naps during the day were entirely on my chest.

Paddy offered help and advice to stop that. He stopped us both forming bad habits and supported me the whole way through.

I’ll really miss his guidance.

Helen Bullock
{Sally was friendly and supportive. She reassured us that we were doing a good job.

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