The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

It’s time to think of sleep as important and an essential body function rather than a “bonus”.

Healthy sleep for your baby, toddler, or child impacts their short- and long-term health, and their development. As a parent, getting enough quality sleep is also essential for you!

The Sleepy Lambs approach to sleep support is different from most sleep consultants and sleep coaches.

Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® look at your baby or child’s sleep with a comprehensive and holistic approach, meaning we look at potential causes and the big picture, to help your little one love to sleep!

Sleepy LambsServices

Bespoke Support

The option is yours! Choose one of the standard support packages or work with your Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® to create a bespoke package that works for your family.

Group Support, Talks & Media

Sleep is our favourite topic and we love to chat about it! If you’re looking for a speaker for your group, business, podcast, or the media, let’s chat!

Sleep Consultant Training

Start a new career and make a difference with our comprehensive online training program!  Many options to choose from, including setting up your own brand or joining the Sleepy Lambs team.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy

The popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is our comprehensive online sleep program to guide your family to better sleep! Step-by-step solutions to help your newborn, baby, or toddler sleep!

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Happy Families

Sleeping toddler girl with blonde hair
{Thanks, Mary! You’re a star! I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet help you’ve given. It is you who have been amazing! Never thought I’d be able to help E so quickly and in such a way that she now even seems to enjoy going to sleep. Today I was across the room and didn’t need to help her one bit, and she was happy busying around in her cot until she decides to lay down to sleep. All huge thanks to you! I’ll keep helping E and look forward to catching up in a few weeks! Many, many thanks! xx

We thought that it would be easier 2nd time around but our baby girl ended up being completely different to our son and a lot more clingy and demanding!

We contacted Mary as the endless rocking/ bending over the cot to rub her back etc that was required to get her to sleep was putting a lot of strain on our backs. We could be there for hours on end only for her to wake shortly after and have to go through the process again as she hadn’t yet learnt how to settle herself.

Mary suggested small changes to make and gave us information on sleep patterns and foods to give at dinnertime amongst other things. She also advised us on a gradual step down method which has worked well and barely any tears unlike some of the traditional sleep training methods. Within 2 weeks our baby girl practically jumped out of our arms into her cot as she was happy to go to sleep! It also made a big difference to her clinginess and grumpiness during the day.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone experiencing sleep challenges with their little one.


When things weren’t working Paddy recognised it and we tweaked things. He was also honest when we had to keep going and made sure we were happy and comfortable.

Reah Wilkins

Amazing support and great training

The training and support I was given by Sleepy Lambs was fantastic and thorough. From day one of receiving the log in and course details I knew I was onto a winner. I knew that if I came across any difficulties whether it was questions in the training or when working with clients a helpful ear was only a message away. The team aspect of Sleepy Lambs is fantastic as you are there to support one another and help to get the best for the clients that you are working with or to develop your business further. This was my first experience of running my own business and as scary as it was at first I was given the tools to start it from the get go and new ideas and suggestions of how to develop it further as I went on.

If you are wanting to become a Sleep Consultant and want to work within a passionate and supportive team you can look no further than Sleepy Lambs. via TrustPilot
Sophie Evans
{Whilst we didn't have huge issues, we asked Alexis to support us with a bit of reassurance. Our little one only slept during breastfeeding which put a lot of pressure on mum. Alexis gave us not just valuable advice, but an empathetic approach to creating a bespoke sleep schedule that worked for us. She is approachable and most importantly, very caring. After the process, we feel so much more confident about our little one's sleeping habits and signs, and have recommended Alexis onwards!
Andrew Cheng

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