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Do you have a few friends with little ones struggling with sleep?

Perhaps a baby group or nct group? Baby shower?

 Sleepy Lambs group support provides a variety of group support sleep options for you, from a free 30-minute sleep chat to our 30 days to better sleep” options

Sleep is the biggest challenge that parents of little ones from age 0-5 face, so you know you’re not alone with the sleep struggles. Sleepy Lambs Group Support programs have been designed to help you learn about healthy sleep in a group setting, either in-person or through video conference. Whether you’re looking for a FREE 30-minute sleep chat for your NCT group or have a few friends and are ready to improve sleep, Sleepy Lambs Group Support can provide you with the tools you need at a very affordable price. Our “30 Days to Better Sleep – Ages 2-6” recently supported 10 families through a combination of group support and 1:1 calls. The results were incredible, with families just amazed at the difference in just a few days! Bespoke programs are available worldwide. Just contact us for more details.

prioritizing good sleep is good self-love

~ Danielle LaPorte

Featured Programs

Free sleep chat

Learn the basics of sleep! This comprehensive sleep chat can give you the tools to get started on better sleep right away! Whether you’re local to Petersfield, Hampshire or far away, these chat can be hosted online! All you need is a tablet or a computer and an internet connection. Includes Q&A time too!

30 days to better sleep!

Popular with outstanding results! An ideal program if you have a few friends with little ones of similar ages, even if the sleep challenges are entirely different.  It’s a full support program, with a twist! Includes individual sleep evaluations, group calls, and 1:1 support to help implement your sleep plan. All at a fraction of the cost of a full support session. Minimum: 3 families.

Public speaking

Need a speaker at your next event or baby show? Mary is an excellent choice as a speaker for your event or panel discussion. Her down-to-earth and common-sense approach has resonated with parents all over. She can speak on a variety of sleep, parenting and entrepreneur topics. Contact her today for more details.

What parents are saying…

We literally thought Henry was beyond help. He had never slept well and we had tried EVERYTHING, or so we thought. 30 Days to Better Sleep changed our world! The changes in just a month have been nothing short of AMAZING!  Mary’s knowledge, support and approach made us feel comfortable from the start. We saw a big difference within just a few days and learned SO much. The ongoing support was fantastic and was so helpful. I can’t stop telling all of my friends about it.  Thank you, Mary. From the bottom of our hearts. You’ve made our family SO happy and I feel better than I have in years!
Why did we wait so long?  That’s what we keep asking ourselves. After struggling with sleep for 2.5 years, I don’t understand why we didn’t find Mary sooner. Her 30 Days to Better Sleep for young children was the BEST parenting decision we’ve ever made. We got to know a great group of other parents and found that support invaluable. Mary was so fun to talk to and we learned so much. We really felt supported the entire way and our 1:1 was so helpful too! I never thought it would be so easy but helping Lottie learn to sleep better was actually fun! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  
We JUST finished the 30 Days to Better Sleep program but I could have written this after week 1. The knowledge and support we received from the start made a difference right away!  We couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t even stressful. I can’t believe the difference more sleep has made to just about everything. Fewer tantrums, he’s eating better and he just seems so much happier. And so are we!

Media inquiries

Mary’s expert knowledge, sense of humour and passion for helping others. make her a fantastic choice. Sleep is a popular topic. It’s the most-discussed topic of parents of children, aged 5 and under. Mary has extensive experience in communications and media training, making her an ideal guest for an interview, panel discussion or if you need a quote. Send an email or call to discuss further.

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