The Aftermath…

Whether it be a break away, school holidays, Christmas or visitors to the house, I hope you had a wonderful time; albeit busy and at times, stressful, but overall, I’m sure it’s been a magical experience all around!

At a guess, you were running around, packing, wrapping, drinking, lounging, and the kids ate far too much sugar! And you probably gained a few extra pounds. I know I did! And that’s OK…

So after the festivities and overindulgence, what’s left when life returns to normal (whatever that is these days?) is usually a routine that’s all up in the air!

Don’t panic! The best remedy is to decide to start again, focus on sleep and stick with it. S little like the diet I’ve promised myself I will start!

Tips For Getting You Back on Track!

  • Is your little one down on the amount of hours they usually sleep? The easiest thing I like to do is get in a few early to beds! This is my “go-to” at any point to get in those much needed catch-up hours. Occasionally, my boy will wake after his usual time with an early to bed but as a worst case, he wakes at the same time but he still got that extra hour with the early to bed.
  • Have you been lucky enough to steal an extra hour in the morning outside of your usual schedule? I’m afraid this needs to stop! Getting back on track means waking your little one at the usual time. I know this is difficult if you’ve been up half the night and it’s tempting to steal a few of those hours back but this is not going to help in the long run. You can’t expect your little people to get with the system if you aren’t either.
  • Have your naps gone out the window as well as night sleep? Naps are your building blocks to better sleep so take a few days to focus on getting the nap back in place. Put your little one down for a nap earlier if the night sleep was broken. Let’s give our little ones a chance to catch up on this overtiredness. A little like the early to bed…just that extra 10-20 minutes could make all the difference.
  • What were you doing before? Was it working? If it was…get back to it and tell your support network that this is what’s happening. It might be tough at first but if you remain consistent like the first time and you will reap the reward

The great thing about babies and children is that they are super adaptable. If your little one knew how to sleep well before, they would pick it right back up again as soon as you make that conscious decision to make sleep a priority.

The good news is that you can get any sleep blip resolved with a little bit of time, focus, and consistency.

Keep safe and well,

Alexis  x