Could Now Be The Perfect Time to Focus on Sleep?

Could the 2nd lockdown be the time to work on your little ones sleep…

I’m sure we all remember the last lockdown all too well; I know I do!

Full-time jobs squeezed into minimal hours of the day; full-time child care and homeschooling; not to mention the increased housework – cooking, cleaning and washing! After all that, you then probably tried to find some time for you…and then sleep!

I can’t imagine how different lockdown would have been if my boy didn’t sleep. I knew at 7 pm I could catch up on my work, take a shower and maybe talk to my husband. I found the whole experience extremely stressful and I know I’m not the only one.

So, here we are again! Lockdown the sequel; Lockdown Part II! The only difference is the nurseries and schools are still open…Hallelujah!!! 

But could this be the perfect opportunity to focus on getting your little ones sleeping better? We have nowhere to be, no excuses like holidays, or a family wedding. This is it, home, school/work, eat and sleep! So why not make sure the sleep is good sleep?!

Other than sleep… What’s your reason to reach out?

More often than not, people get in touch when they are at their wits end, rock bottom or breaking point! I get it…that was my turning point too but why do we leave it till then?

Sleep is so important for everyone. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety and at a time like this, we need to ensure our mental and physical wellness takes priority.

You do need to be mentally ready, and not just one of you but as a family and want to make the changes. Once you know in your heart something needs to change, we are here to help guide you and I doubt you will be disappointed!

The reason for wanting that change could be one (or more) of many but a few that we see most frequently are:

  • Night feeds increasing through the night
  • A new baby on the way
  • Your relationship could be strained – a sleep consultant is much cheaper than a marriage counsellor. 
  • Your health is being affected; both physically and/or mentally.
  • Co-sleeping – That’s cool, but it’s now a thing when you never wanted it to be
  • Do you spend more time getting your baby to sleep than actually sleeping yourself?
  • Has your little one had a regression, and you suddenly feel like you’re waking more than when you had a newborn
  • Are you not enjoying being a parent
  • Or do you just want the confidence to know that when your little one goes to sleep at night, you also get to sleep for the night too

If any of these sound like you, don’t let yourself get to breaking point before taking steps to make the change.

Whatever your reason…

I have a judgement-free, safe space where you can talk to me openly and honestly. I am here to help because I have been where you are now and taking the decision to support my baby to sleep better changed my life for the better and I want you to feel like choosing sleep was the best decision you ever made!

Keep safe and well,

Alexis  x 

Alexis Halley Reade
Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant at | | Website | + posts

Alexis Halley Reade is a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant™ based in Cheshire, England. As a mum of 1 adorable little boy, she knows the impact that sleep deprivation had on her baby as well as herself. After working with a sleep consultant, and seeing the incredible difference better sleep made for her entire family, Alexis became passionate about supporting other families on the journey to healthy sleep. Click here to learn more about Alexis, her sleep support options and to book a free discovery call.

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