Babies, Sleep & Coronavirus

Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

 With Coronavirus or Covid-19 the top of the news right now, you’re likely looking at ways to keep your family healthy. Sleep can go a long way to keep your baby, toddlers and your family healthy.

An abundance of toilet paper at home is not likely to make a difference, so instead of hoarding loo rolls, what can you do to keep your family healthy?

The Good News 

Although babies and children CAN get sick with coronavirus, it’s typically much less severe than it is for those over the age of 60, with an extremely low mortality rate.

That’s good news for the smallest ones in your family.


The Bad News? Little Ones Can Share

Babies and children, however, are still able to transmit the virus to others, even without showing any symptoms. This means that those that may be more vulnerable, such as grandparents, can unknowingly be exposed to the coronavirus without a baby or child appearing ill. 

As an example, the case of a 6-month old baby in Singapore, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, had both parents and his nanny hospitalised with Covid-19. Without caregivers, the baby needed to stay at the hospital. Although the baby showed no symptoms, he was tested on admission and was found to have a high viral load, testing positive for coronavirus (Covid-19). The baby’s only symptom during his hospital stay was an elevated body temperature for just one hour. He continued to test positive for the virus until day 17 of his admission.


Keep Healthy!


I know that you want to do everything you can to keep your family healthy, and that means you need to stay healthy too. You can’t care for your little ones if you are sick.

As has been repeated, effective handwashing is essential. It’s also not a very popular activity with many little ones. If you’ve been to the store lately to find hand sanitiser, you’ve likely left empty-handed. 

One option for little ones is to make handwashing fun. Try filling a large bowl with warm and very soapy water and add a few toys for your little one to play with or wash for a few minutes. 

Your toddler may not be keen to wash their hands, but maybe very receptive to washing or cleaning one of their toys. If they can reach a sink, try putting the toy in the sink to “wash.”


Toddler washing dishes, coronavirus


Teach the importance of coughing or sneezing into their elbow from early on. It won’t likely become habit immediately but keep reinforcing it, and it will become a habit over time. 


Sleep Won’t Prevent Coronavirus But Can Help You Fight It.


Sleep won’t stop you or your loved ones from getting coronavirus, unfortunately. Still, it WILL help ensure you have a stronger immune system. Sleep is necessary to keep your body running at full form.

You likely know that when you’re exhausted and run down is the exact time you get a cold or flu. 

Sleep increases T Cell production. T Cells are white blood cells, and they play an essential role in the body’s response to viruses, by attacking and destroying virus-carrying cells. 

Healthy sleep gets your body ready to fight viruses. When you sleep, your body produces cytokines, which helps your body respond quickly to viruses. Sleep loss inhibits the production cytokines, making it harder for you to fight any viruses out there, including the coronavirus.


Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet and keeping hydrated will ensure you’re in prime form to fight the coronavirus or any other bug coming your way. Just like an athlete training to stay in top shape to compete or race, a healthy diet along with sufficient sleep will ensure you are in top form to fight COVID-19 in the event you’re exposed.


Quiet Social Life?

If your social life is a little quieter as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, take this opportunity to make sleep a priority. If you have a baby or toddler who isn’t sleeping well, that means you’re not sleeping well either. This means there’s no better time to get your baby or toddler’s sleep back on track and for you to get the healthy sleep you need. The consistency of being at home is the ideal time to start. 

Help is Here!

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Good Resources To Keep Up-to-Date on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Stay healthy!

Mary Foster is the founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting, and mum of three little ones (at one time three under three).

She’s a proud Canadian, loves living in England and is passionate about healthy sleep with a strong focus on emotional wellness, using her education background in science.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants support families around the world, and the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is an affordable and comprehensive online sleep program, has supported families worldwide.

In 2018, we launched a comprehensive training program to become a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant and franchise program. Opportunities are available worldwide. Visit for more info.

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