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Will I have to leave my baby to cry
No! You don’t. Different from most sleep consultants, we don’t start with sleep “training” at all and never use extinction or “cry-it-out” techniques. To help your little one sleep better, we focus on pinpointing the source(s) of the sleep challenge(s) and addressing it. Resolving the cause of your baby’s sleep challenge(s) frequently leads to an easier resolution and better sleep. Your little ones’ temperament, history, age, health and developmental stage, and family dynamics along with your parenting choices, and some guidance will give you the tools to help your baby, toddler or young child learn to sleep better in the best way possible.
My little one is breastfed. Can we still improve sleep?
Most definitely! We support healthy feeding so whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, formula-feeding or doing a combination, there is typically a lot that can be done to improve sleep. Proper nutrition is essential for healthy sleep. We never rush to eliminate night feeds, but we have gentle ways to reduce the feeds when you and your baby is ready.
Is there any way I can ensure sleep success?
After working with hundreds of parents, there are a few characteristics of parents that have the best and fastest results when working on sleep. If you scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your details, you’ll receive the free ebook “The Essential Tips to Sleep Success.”
Do you guarantee success?
It’s impossible to guarantee success as there are so many variables involved. Your chance of improved sleep is very high as over 98% of families have seen a significant improvement in sleep. For the small percentage who don’t see results, the causes can range from medical to lack of commitment to implementing changes. What we can guarantee is that we’ll do whatever we possibly can to support you and we are persistent in looking for appropriate solutions to any challenges that come up. We want you to see sleep success, so we do our very best to help you on this journey to better sleep.
Do you use a specific method?
Your baby or child is unique and there isn’t one way to solve every sleep challenge. Our approach first and foremost focuses on your baby and child’s emotional wellness. The science of sleep is an important component of our approach and can be very counterintuitive. There are a variety of methods that we can use, based on your little ones’ age, sleep challenge(s), temperament, medical history and your preferences. You’ll never be locked into one option.

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