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Katie changed our lives, it used to take over an hour to put my son to sleep and now it’s all of 10mins! And all in a loving, gentle and easy way!

Nirmani Herath

Of absolute great help with my little girl when she was born earlier this year and decided sleep wasn’t necessary. Katie helped in many ways and stayed in contact even after she had completed her work with us.

The help she provides in getting them in to a good sleep pattern, not just at night but with daytime naps too, is so helpful. She helped us to understand all there was with routines and how to help them sleep better without any stress.

Would definitely recommend her for people struggling with little ones that can’t/don’t sleep well. Very happy with our results. 8months down the line and my little girl goes down like an angel now ?

Olivia Cutt

Katie is brilliant. She helped me with my youngest when he was 7mths old and struggling to settle or sleep for any length of time.

Her steps are simple and easy to follow and very effective. She’s super friendly and efficient, I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Katie!

Hazel Anslow

Can’t thank Katie enough for the support she has given us over the last 6 weeks.

We booked a course after a period of 8 months where our daughter went from sleeping perfectly to waking every 2 hours, often for up to 2 hours at a time.

Katie was fantastic and within 2 days of implementing the sleep techniques she taught us our daughter was sleeping through.

It’s been absolutely amazing not only for our daughter who is now happier now she is sleeping properly but also for us as a couple, we were very much struggling with the lack of sleep and it was impacting our relationship but now we are a much happier household.

Loved our weekly check-ins with Katie and never felt that anything we were asking was a stupid question.

Have already recommended her to friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others. The best Christmas present we could have brought ourselves!

Sophie Oates
Lindsey was amazing with helping us sorting our 2yr old daughters sleep problems. Within 2 weeks my little one is now sleeping through. Much nicer than the multiple wake ups we had before.
Susan Louise Jones

As part of Lindsey’s qualification, she helped me with my 6-week baby. Although there isn’t so much ‘sleep training’ that can be done with a 6 week old baby, her knowledge and advice was second to none!

She helped me understand about how long wake windows should be, learn to identify tired signs and suggested a good routine. My baby is now 14 weeks old and sleeps pretty well! I mean last night was 8pm-5.15am and then went back to sleep after a bottle until 9 am! So although she is still waking for a feed, I am happy with where we are for her age.

As she grows and goes onto solids, I would be more than confident enough that she will go right through the night! Thank you Lindsey ?

Mel Henley

Lindsey has done a brilliant job with our little ones. Lifesaver!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lucian Si Adriana Fedor

Our 2.5-year-old daughter had never been a good sleeper and we had started to accept we would always be up several times a night. Jess came into our lives via Zoom, she assessed all aspects of our daughter’s awake and sleeping habits, with a few simple changes we had instant improvement.

With continued support, we tweaked some more and now she is sleeping through!

Jess was supportive, understanding and took the time to research our individual circumstances whilst respecting what we did and didn’t want to do. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Jess Astor
Nicola Lacey

Sally was kind, caring, and interested in learning about our family’s specific needs. She came up with a plan and modified it multiple times. Her timings were flexible and she went above and beyond to adjust to our travels and schedules.


We were lucky enough to be the winners of Charlotte’s competition and we could not be more grateful!

Charlotte not only helped us crack the bedtime meltdowns and nightly wake-ups, she’s also given us the confidence to believe that tuning into our daughter and taking notice of her sleep signals can be all we need .. and best of all .. no more sleeping in our bed!
Charlotte made us feel at ease from the off, with her kind, bubbly and caring personality. She constantly made sure we felt comfortable with what we were doing and was always on our terms. She really took the time to learn about our parenting style and our needs and wants from the course.
We really felt like everything she said, had a logical reason behind it, and she made us feel like we totally understood the process from start to finish.
No matter what time of day, she never made us feel as though we couldn’t reach out to her, from minor questions to full-on meltdowns.
We couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and to be honest, were a bit skeptical as to how much could change in just a couple of weeks .. but how wrong were we?!
We felt like we had tried everything, followed different ideas and advice and nothing seemed to be helping.
3 weeks later and there’s no more dreading nap and bedtime, and Poppy now sees her room as a fun safe place, which she settles in with no problem, all thanks to Charlotte.
We really will miss Charlotte, in the few weeks we’ve known her, we feel like she’s become a really good friend!
She was always just a message away whenever we needed reassurance or advice and every bit of advice she did give, worked!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! X
Ash Duff
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