Here is the final part of my trilogy for you!

That means THE day is nigh! 

I honestly look forward to nothing more than an over-indulgent meal surrounded by my favourite people with a glass (or three) of my favourite tipple usually slumped in front of the TV.

This can often be turbulent once you throw in an over-stimulated baby, toddler or young child. I mean, I’m excited about St Nick, let alone a young one who is just starting to realise the magic in this big day!

So What Can We Do To Help?

First and foremost, you need to enjoy it

Yes, I would recommend you stick to your usual schedule as much as possible, but the reality is, if you go off track because dinner overran or you lost track of time, everything will be fine!

That said, there is a but! You should be prepared for a shorter nap or an unsettled night due to the overtiredness, but it’s not the end of the world!

I find when we have a day off track, the best remedy is to get right back on track the very next day (or at least as soon as possible). Usually, one day does not send you on a spiral as long as the consistency kicks straight back in.

In these strange times, additional people in the house will be highly stimulating – some little ones will be excited, and others might be a bit nervous – throw in a whole heap of new toys, and that’s a mind-blowing combo. 
Give them time to adjust and allow extra wind downtime before nap and bedtime. It doesn’t matter how that looks but as an idea. You could read an extra book or two or even go to the room for some quiet play.

New People…

Due to the limited numbers allowed to gather this year, you can be grateful that your Great Aunt Nel twice removed won’t be giving you all her ways in which she raised her children. However, it doesn’t mean that someone else may not chip in!

Stand your ground. Be polite. Nod. And walk away!

The same goes for unwanted contact.

Your new baby is not there to be passed from pillar to post to keep everyone else happy. This can sometimes be quite distressing for your baby and overstimulating.

Sure, everyone loves a cuddle with a baby. I’m usually the first in line! But if you don’t want to be handing your baby round, say no! 

If you are happy to let everyone have a squeeze, spread it out! Get in the door and give your little one a chance to adjust to these new sounds and surroundings, and breathe!

Remember; it’s just a few days, so to change my tune, make enjoying the day a priority (followed very closely in 2nd place to; make sleep a priority!)! 

Keep safe and well, and Merry Christmas!

Alexis  x