2020!! What an extraordinary year! The year we all stayed home!

For some, this might have been a blessing; for others, they can’t wait to break free. 

Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to help you prepare for the Christmas festivities as we have the freedom to travel and visit our families and mix with up to three households. Woohoo!

I will do this as a 3-part series to break it down and give you the time to let it sink in or pick out the bits you need along the way.

The Journey

Now, this one may not apply to you if you’re hosting the main event, and if you are, good luck! Cooking for a crowd is not my strong point, so kudos to you!

Even if you’re not planning on travelling, stick with me, and you may just find something that helps – if not this year, then next!

You may never have travelled with your new baby, or you may just be out of practice – myself included! So let’s figure this out together andI’lll share some of the things I have learnt in the past.

If you have a baby six months old or younger, you should plan to stop every 2 hours as per the Lullaby Trust’s recommendation, and you might want an adult in the back too if your baby is preterm. Yes, it’s going to take you a little longer than usual, but make the most of it. Stock up on indulgent snacks in the service station and coffee. I’m a huge fan of the eggnog or ginger nut latte. Because, after all, it’s Christmas!

If your baby is one year old or younger, it’s probably not a bad idea to stop every 2 hours or so as well – Nappy changes, feeds, a moment without baby shark playing! But at this age, it’s a little more flexible.

Toddlers and preschoolers are a bit different. The aim is to get there as quickly as possible, but with potty training in the mix, this might be difficult without stopping.

My planning process tips:

  • Plan how long until you will need to stop
  • Look for service stations around that time in the journey
  • Figure out what time your little one will need to feed/sleep
  • Definitely tie your travel in with the longest nap of the day

Packing for the Car Journey


Snacks should be obviously supervised, but a snack can help buy you some time, even if it’s getting to the next safe place to stop.

We love our homemade cookies, and carrot cake bars or a good old packet of rice cakes will do the trick. Pack too much! You never know what will go down a storm.

If you are bottle-feeding, you can prepare by having a flask of boiled water, a flask of cooled boiled water, and your formula prepped can help without waiting and/queuing at a service station.

On a car journey, there are no rules on screen time! If it can help get you through the trip, you can keep Peppa Pig on repeat!

Keep safe and well, and Merry Christmas!

Alexis  x