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Hey everyone,

I’m Catriona, a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant®, reflux practitioner from Waterford, Ireland.

I am mum to two little ones , Liam aged 3 and Maisie aged 18 months. I also am a holistic therapist, postpartum doula  and run lots of baby and toddler classes such as Baby massage, children’s reflexology and tummy time workshops . 

Before having my babies, I dreamt of having babies who loved their sleep as much as I did, I was one of those unicorn babies who loved to sleep!  Well that dream was shattered quite quick when my first baby Liam was born prematurely and suffered severe silent reflux, he suffered, the whole family did actually. 

With the reflux came the lack of sleep , we were all running on empty. It was exhausting and so upsetting to see my little one suffer. 

This drove my passion to helping parents understand their children’s sleep and empower them to create a settled, calm sleep environment. I have been there, worn the vomit stained tee- shirt, sometimes for days on end! Having a child with sleep or reflux issues is real and it’s tiring, but I am here to listen and to guide you through this. 

Fast forward to my second little baby, Maisie, again having reflux and lots of sleep issues but this time I was prepared, informed and educated on all things sleep! I got hooked learning about sleep and the effects that lack of it can have on children! I want to share this with you, and have your family sleeping better and feeling well rested soon!

Working holistically, I will compassionately listen to your story and together we will come up with a plan always respecting your parental preferences and having your child’s health and wellbeing is paramount.

As a sleepy lambs sleep consultant, I will always look at the sleep issue as a whole, emotionally, physically and energetically to see what is going on around your child’s sleep. I work very gently to help you get results. There is no one size fits all for children’s sleep, their sleep is just as unique as they are! 

To discuss how I can help and guide you in getting your little one sleeping well please get in touch, I would love to help. 


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