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Hi, my name is Caro Graham. I’m married to Paul and we live in Edinburgh with our two children.

We really struggled with our eldest child’s sleep when she was little and found it very difficult to know where to get any constructive help for us as a family. So, I know too well how frustrating and hard life can be when no-one in the family is getting enough sleep. I was completely overwhelmed with all the different opinions on sleep and really needed some practical advice to help her and so, therefore, get all the family the sleep we were missing out on.

This is where my passion for helping other families with their little one’s sleep challenges came from and why I decided to train as a Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant.

I am committed to offering gentle, bespoke solutions to families who are struggling with sleep deprivation and need practical advice for effective ways to get their child to sleep better.

I am passionate about helping families through their child’s sleep challenges so that everyone can get healthy, restful sleep. I offer a holistic approach and will always take into account lots of different factors when suggesting ways of helping your little one get better sleep. 

Every child is unique and I will always offer you individual advice based on your current situation and parental preference. I aim to provide gentle, effective ways to help you and your little one and will be with you every step of the way. My approach always aims to put emotional wellness for both the child and parents at the forefront of everything I do.

Above all, I’m here to listen to you, understand your situation and come up with the best way of helping you and your family.


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