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It’s All About Balance – Late Nights & Irregular Schedules

Going on vacation? Grandparents coming to visit?  If you’re worried about breaking the “rules” when it comes to sleep, try not to! Balance is really the key when it comes to having babies, toddlers and children out of their routines. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach is about parenting and supporting sleep in the REAL world. Not a textbook, where babies and children are robotic and your schedule is the same 365 days a year.

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Breathe In! Breathe Out! All About Mouth Breathing

Breathing. It seems simple enough. The reality is, it’s a bit more complicated.  Did you know there’s a healthy way to breathe and an unhealthy way?  There's a good chance that you haven't even given "the way you breathe" much thought because, after all, you're still...

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Sleep Like an Olympian!

As the best athletes from around the world are in PyeongChang, South Korea for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and soon the Paralympic Games, there are a few things they all have in common, regardless of the flag they wave. The athletes are all dedicated, passionate...

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Sleepy Lambs Checks Out Fidgetbum

Let’s face it. There are many sleep gimmicks out there. I speak with families all the time who have spent a lot of money on products, just hoping that something "magic" will help their child sleep better.  Unfortunately, most don’t address the reason WHY the little...

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