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Breathe In! Breathe Out! All About Mouth Breathing

Breathing. It seems simple enough. The reality is, it’s a bit more complicated.  Did you know there’s a healthy way to breathe and an unhealthy way?  There's a good chance that you haven't even given "the way you breathe" much thought because, after all, you're still...

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Sleep Like an Olympian!

As the best athletes from around the world are in PyeongChang, South Korea for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and soon the Paralympic Games, there are a few things they all have in common, regardless of the flag they wave. The athletes are all dedicated, passionate...

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Sleepy Lambs Checks Out Fidgetbum

Let’s face it. There are many sleep gimmicks out there. I speak with families all the time who have spent a lot of money on products, just hoping that something "magic" will help their child sleep better.  Unfortunately, most don’t address the reason WHY the little...

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Short Naps?

It’s a common sleep challenge. The classic 40-minute nap. Why is it always 40 minutes? Sleep science. We all have sleep cycles. As adults, our sleep cycles are 90-120 minutes, but babies have much shorter sleep cycles, typically 40-60 minutes. At the end of a sleep...

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