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Lighter mornings… brighter evenings…

Most of us can’t wait for the Spring/Summer months but it can start to play havoc with our sleeping babies and especially the older children…the ones who can talk and argue the fact it’s not nighttime because “it’s not dark yet!”

Trying to explain to a determined 3 year old that just because it’s light outside does not mean it is not nearly 10pm, is not my idea of fun!

This is also useful if your baby’s room is very bright during the day as it can mean shorter naps and after all the effort you put in to getting that nap, that last thing you want is for it to be short!!

The products!

So, you have the temporary fix solutions which are great for travel, rental properties and to save you some cash, or you have the more permanent fixes that can be costly. So, if you’re in your forever home, it could be worth the investment.

  • GroBlind – Around £25 – Great for travel and is a no drill solution – Sticks to the window with suction cups but there is also a velcro option too;
  • Easynight Blackout Blind – Around £20 – Great for travel and is a no drill solution – Similar to the above, it sticks to the window with suction cups but there is also a velcro option too and varying sizes are available;
  • Magic Blackout Blind – Around £30 – Great for travel and is a no drill solution – Sticks to the window using static and comes in sheets that can be cut to size;
  • BlocBlinds – Starts from £60 – A more permanent solution – these blinds are just like other roller blinds except they have side rails along the top and side of the blind to prevent light creeping in round the edges as well as a seal at the bottom;
  • Redi Shade – Starts from £7.99 – Great for rentals – these blinds are made from paper and can be cut to size and stick to the top of the window recess; and
  • Snooze Shade – Around £30 – Great for naps on the go – Snooze Shade have great sunshade pram covers but also have covers for car seats and cots to help with blocking out the light.

Why a dark room may help your baby sleep

We have a natural alarm clock that tells us when it’s daylight it’s time to wake up. It’s all part of our circadian rhythm doing its job. Before electricity, our relationship with night and day was much more simple.

When you are in the dark the body starts to produce melatonin – this is the hormone that promotes sleepiness…so it’s pretty important in the whole process.

Research shows that being exposed in a fully lit room before going to sleep results in delayed and shortened melatonin production. Dimming the lights around the house, closing the curtains/blinds before the bedtime routine would all help in your little one falling asleep a little easier.

If you have found this helpful, please share with your friends or if you require some 1:1 support you can book a free 15 minute discovery call to have a chat. I’d love to hear more about your little one and see how I can help.

Keep safe and well,

Alexis  x 

Alexis Halley Reade
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Alexis Halley Reade is a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant™ based in Cheshire, England. As a mum of 1 adorable little boy, she knows the impact that sleep deprivation had on her baby as well as herself. After working with a sleep consultant, and seeing the incredible difference better sleep made for her entire family, Alexis became passionate about supporting other families on the journey to healthy sleep. Click here to learn more about Alexis, her sleep support options and to book a free discovery call.

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