How To Get Good Sleep During Hot Weather And Brighter Mornings

Hopefully, we should start to see some warmer weather across the UK over the next few weeks – although as I live in Scotland, this is by no means definite!

Most people look forward to warmer days and the chance not to wrap up in so many layers. However, hotter days and lighter mornings can cause havoc with your little one’s sleep – it can be harder to get your baby to sleep when they’re too hot. Throw in lighter mornings, along with tweeting birds outside your wee one’s window, and summer sleep can become tricky!

What Should I Dress My Baby In When It Starts tTo Get Hotter?

It’s good to have a  room thermometer in your baby’s room – keep an eye on that during the warmer months and dress your baby accordingly. However, it can be challenging to know what you should be dressing your baby in to keep them at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Here’s a handy warm weather cheat sheet that gives you a rough guide on what to dress your little one in for sleep at different temperatures. Of course, this is only a guide, so be sure to keep an eye on your child and ensure that they’re not too hot or cold during their sleep times.

What About The Lighter Mornings?

Lighter mornings can mean very early starts for you and your baby, making for very long days! This is where blackout blinds come into their own! Ensure that there is a little light as possible coming into your child’s room from gaps in the blinds or sunlight coming in from the hallway early in the morning.  

If you think your wee one is waking from the dawn chorus way too early, try playing white or pink noise throughout the night to help block out any other noise from outside.

If your little one does wake up far too early, try and treat this as you would any other night waking – keep it dark and quiet, and you should have more chance of getting some more sleep!