Meet Mary


Meet sleep consultant & founder, Mary foster

Exhausted? I’ve been there! After having three babies in three years, I know what exhaustion feels like, especially when you throw an international move in there while seven months pregnant! We received our share of solicited (and unsolicited) advice, read all of the books but still struggled to help our oldest sleep. He wouldn’t lie down, he needed to be held 24/7, and I felt like I was failing at parenting. I didn’t have the tools to help him sleep better with his reflux or understand the impact on sleep.

“What am I doing wrong when sleep comes so easily for others?”

Now, being a mum and all hearing all of the unsolicited advice doesn’t make me a sleep expert. Far from it! The science of sleep can be very counterintuitive, but fascinating (at least to me!). After studying full time for six months, I became a certified infant, child and maternity sleep consultant. The skills I learned, in combination with my post-secondary studies in health sciences and commerce, have given me the tools to support close to 1,000 families and counting!

My focus is ALWAYS on emotional wellness. For effective and long-lasting improvement, I feel that finding the cause or the source of the sleep challenge is essential to finding the best solution.

I’d love to help your family get the healthy sleep they need!

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