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It’s time to treat sleep as essential rather than a “bonus” that may happen at some point before adulthood. Quality, age-appropriate sleep is so important for the current and long-term health and development of your little one. It’s also essential for you! Parenting is THE most important job you’ll ever do and being so sleep-deprived makes it that much harder. It’s hard to be the best person, parent, partner, friend etc. if you’re exhausted! The good news is that there’s so much you can do to instil good sleep habits, sleep training is NOT required!

Sleep support in the way that suits you!

One To One Coaching

Your little one is unique and I work with you to find and address the cause of any sleep challenges before offering solutions. It’s the most effective way for long-term sleep success. You will receive outstanding, daily follow-up support, with live feedback based on how your little one responds to any changes.
Your initial consult is FREE! Be sure to click below to learn more!

Online Sleep Academy

Ready for better sleep  with a strong focus on emotional wellness? The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy  originally launched in 2015, helping hundreds of families in 11 countries.

The new Sleep Academy, launched in 2018, offers self-guided, step-by-step programs for newborns, babies, and toddlers and young children with 35-40 videos in each course, along with cheat sheets and all you need to help your baby or young child sleep much better.

Group Support & Chats

Our “30 Days to Better Sleep for Ages 2-6” program sold out in one day. With a combination of one to one and group support, this popular program is truly the best of both worlds when looking to help your little one sleep better at half the price of a one-to-one program.
If you have a few friends with little ones who could use some sleep support, you can support each other through this. Click below to learn more!

A solution that works…

Mary is an awesome sleep consultant.

I knew we were already doing a lot of things ‘right’ so I was worried we couldn’t be helped! I needn’t have worried – within a night we saw improvements and after a week we were in a much better place! Mary checked in regularly with me and was really proactive (texting me if she hadn’t heard from me for a few hours!).

For anyone nervous about cry-it-out… I was fully prepared to do it if we had to but for our situation, Mary actually advised against it and had a LOT of other strategies for us to try instead!

Mary’s Sleep Academy is amazing too with a really supportive community alongside the videos to give you support and a boost when you need it.

If you are looking for help with your kid’s sleep I would say you need to look no further.


Mum of 2, One-to-One Support

I am learning lots with these videos and look forward to them all. Thanks Mary for the great program you developed. I have been telling all my Mama friends about it!


Mum of 1, Sleep Academy Member

All the support and guidance you will ever need for sleep issues! Mary offers amazing support and has a wealth of knowledge. We are still working on some sleep issues but Mary has been a great help and the progress made so far is down to her x


Mum of 1, Sleep Academy Member

There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.

~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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