• There was never a child
    so lovely but his mother
    was glad to get him
    to sleep.

    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is Sleep A Struggle?

It Doesn’t Have To Be!

Help your little one learn to sleep better EVEN if you’re not interested in sleep training! Mary Foster is a sleep specialist who has helped newborns, babies, toddlers, young children, multiples and parents all over the world.

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Holistic & Gentle

We focus on finding the cause of the sleep challenge, without skipping ahead to the solution. Without sourcing the real problem first, it’s no different than just putting a cast on a bruised arm before checking if it’s broken!

Working With Your Parenting Choices

Your parenting choices are always respected. You’re given different options at each step, giving you the chance to make the decision that works for your family based on our recommendations.

Sleep Proof Your Future!

Each sleep package gives you access to the courses in the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy for 12 months. Regressions can sometimes occur due to extended illness, travel, or a significant change such as the end of parental leave, a house move or the arrival of a new sibling. The fully comprehensive, self-paced online program gives you the answers you may need when faced with different sleep challenges.

Babies & young children
don’t come with instruction manuals

Your little one is unique and born with his temperament. Techniques that may be brilliant for one child may be the worst idea for your little one. That’s why we take your little one’s age, temperament, history, health, parental preferences and all other factors into consideration when making recommendations.

Parenting isn’t easy!

Expert support can make the difference!

Can anything prepare us for the world of parenting? Probably not! Our experience working with hundreds of families gives us the unique position of knowledge and understanding of sleep challenges. Our approach is unique, with an active focus on emotional wellness and the highest level of ongoing daily support – not just for one week but 3-6 weeks and beyond through our Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy programs.

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We’ve helped hundreds of families around the world!

We can’t wait to help you too!
  • “I still cannot get over the difference in bedtime routine where I can now pop her down and she sends herself to sleep after a brief chat with herself and some leg flinging!!! Such a transformation and I am so much more relaxed knowing I have an evening to catch up on things etc. It’s hard to articulate just how much of a positive effect this has had on me! She really gets it now and pleased we will have a good sleep routine as she gets older. xx”

    - Kelly – Well-rested Mum!

  • “No crying or screaming tonight at bedtime!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Went down bang on 7 p.m. too! Whoop whoop! Thank you SO much! xx”

    - Lisa – Mum of 1

  • “Oh my goodness! He slept through!!! Not a peep out of him after his dream feed!”

    - Becky – Mum of a Toddler

  • “Woo hoo! She slept for 12 hours without crying out!! Also, when I went in she said “hiya mummy” and was very happy!”

    - Katie – Mum of 2

Simple plans provide the support you want!

How long does it take you to get used to a new habit? It takes time, sometimes lots of time. That’s why our packages start at three weeks, unlike many sleep consultants who offer one or two-week packages.

We never jump right into sleep training, as most sleep consultants do. We endeavour to ensure the cause of the sleep challenge is found and addressed. If the source of the sleep challenge isn’t addressed, sleep training won’t work or may only work for a short time.

We support you through these changes by continually assessing what’s working, what’s not working and offering solutions that work based on your little one’s responses and not just what a book says you should do because every baby, child and family are unique.

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For twins or 2 siblings, add £100. Packages must be concurrent.

  • Always Age-Appropriate

  • Strong Focus on Emotional Wellness

  • Outstanding Daily Support!

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