The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

The Sleepy LambsApproach to Sleep Training

It’s time to think of sleep as important and an essential body function rather than a “bonus”.

Healthy sleep for your baby, toddler, or child impacts their short- and long-term health, and their development. As a parent, getting enough quality sleep is also essential for you!

The Sleepy Lambs approach to sleep support is different from most sleep consultants and sleep coaches.

Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® look at your baby or child’s sleep with a comprehensive and holistic approach, meaning we look at potential causes and the big picture, to help your little one love to sleep!

Sleepy LambsServices

Bespoke Support

The option is yours! Choose one of the standard support packages or work with your Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® to create a bespoke package that works for your family.

Group Support, Talks & Media

Sleep is our favourite topic and we love to chat about it! If you’re looking for a speaker for your group, business, podcast, or the media, let’s chat!

Sleep Consultant Training

Start a new career and make a difference with our comprehensive online training program!  Many options to choose from, including setting up your own brand or joining the Sleepy Lambs team.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy

The popular Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is our comprehensive online sleep program to guide your family to better sleep! Step-by-step solutions to help your newborn, baby, or toddler sleep!

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Happy Families

baby boy sleeping with teddy
{He’s doing so well! I so believe the sleep begets sleep thing now. He’s sleeping more than ever before and still seems ready for bed and naps! I still can hardly believe he’s doing it! I feel great after such a big chunk of sleep, I must have got at least a 6-hour block! Thank you so much for all your help!
If I could sum up how I felt before I spoke to Charlotte in one word, it would be desperate.
Charlotte took the time to listen to our problems and worked out what was best for us (and importantly Charlie) to solve them.
The support she offered us was second to none and she encouraged us every step of the way.
With Charlotte's help, we've gone from having a 5-month-old who wouldn't sleep longer than 2.5 hours, to a 7-month-old who can sometimes go 9 hours! We're all happier!
Thank you, Charlotte!
Juliet Warren
We were lucky enough to be the winners of Charlotte's competition and we could not be more grateful!
Charlotte not only helped us crack the bedtime meltdowns and nightly wake-ups, she’s also given us the confidence to believe that tuning into our daughter and taking notice of her sleep signals can be all we need .. and best of all .. no more sleeping in our bed!
Charlotte made us feel at ease from the off, with her kind, bubbly and caring personality. She constantly made sure we felt comfortable with what we were doing and was always on our terms. She really took the time to learn about our parenting style and our needs and wants from the course.
We really felt like everything she said, had a logical reason behind it, and she made us feel like we totally understood the process from start to finish.
No matter what time of day, she never made us feel as though we couldn’t reach out to her, from minor questions to full-on meltdowns.
We couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and to be honest, were a bit skeptical as to how much could change in just a couple of weeks .. but how wrong were we?! We felt like we had tried everything, followed different ideas and advice and nothing seemed to be helping.
3 weeks later and there’s no more dreading nap and bedtime, and Poppy now sees her room as a fun safe place, which she settles in with no problem, all thanks to Charlotte. We really will miss Charlotte, in the few weeks we’ve known her, we feel like she’s become a really good friend!
She was always just a message away whenever we needed reassurance or advice and every bit of advice she did give, worked!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! X
Ash Duff

I stumbled across Sleepy Lambs on a google search after weeks of sleep deprivation after my LO went back to his childminder after having 6 months of lockdown at home with Mummy. He had bad separation anxiety and it was taking me hours some nights to get him to sleep. We had tried almost everything but never had anyone telling us we were doing it right and to give us the reassurance we needed.

We were lucky enough to have been assigned Alexis to help. As soon as we had our initial consultation I felt so much more confident and reassured that everything would get better and here we are 3 weeks later sadly saying goodbye to Alexis after all of her help.

Charlie is now in bed asleep inside 10mins and all of this has been done without any crying or distress. We are still working on the early wake-ups but I have been left with some suggestions and techniques to work with. Thank you, Alexis, for everything, it is not just Charlie you have helped, it is Rob and I also. ???????????? xx

Mum of 1
happy baby boy in blue
{Oh my goodness!!! He slept through!!! Not a peep out of him after his dream feed!!!

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